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South Australian based, South Australian owned – Committed to SA, committed to You. That is our promise.


We are proud of our State and strive to represent SA as leaders in the Electrical Industry. We have an ongoing commitment to the SA workforce, SA products and SA services. We have proven history of oversight and implementation of South Australian commercial, industrial and domestic projects.


We are committed to building and maintaining mutually beneficial, enduring relationships with customers and stakeholders within SA. That commitment to SA allows access to a large network of Industry partners.


Our energy, eagerness and experience puts us on the frontline of building a sustainable future for South Australia.


Experience – We proudly offer an individual experience unlike any other Electrical contractor. Where others say “no” we say “Yes”. We pride ourselves on being able to impart on your project our unique combination of energy, eagerness and experience. We are solvers. Our genuine passion for the renewable energy sector allows us to provide you the solution that compliments your vision.


Professional – We have years of experience working within both private and Government sectors in a commercial and domestic capacity. This provides us with not only the understanding but the willingness to engage with you. We understand your unique position and will strive to provide you with a quality solution. We respect and understand budget adherence, restraints and schedules. Any work undertaken by us will enhance your business or domestic application. We always aim to exceed your expectations.


Transparency – We pride ourselves on communicating with our customers and stakeholders in a clear and open manner. We will assist you to focus your vision, tailoring your specific needs with our extensive experience. Your satisfaction is our promise.


Safety – Your safety is our responsibility. We will never compromise. Rise Electrical can advise and implement solutions that comply with, and if required exceed, all South Australian and National standards both commercially and domestically. We have a driving focus on compliance and minimising risk to health and safety. All work and products are guaranteed.


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Why choose Rise


  • Genuine passion about the evolving renewable energy sector
  • Consideration of the individual customer needs and requirements
  • Respect and understanding when adhering to budgets, restraints and schedules
  • Ongoing commitment to the South Australian workforce, products and services
  • Proven history of oversight and implementation of South Australian commercial, industrial and domestic projects
  • Access to a large network of Industry partners
  • Committed to building and maintaining mutually beneficial, enduring relationships with customers and stakeholders




Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Solar and Battery Specialists – We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in the design, installation and adaption of solar panel systems, battery storage and self-use in commercial and domestic applications. Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to match the right product for your needs. We also offer upgrade, maintenance and repair services to your existing renewable energy system.


Data and Communication – We are certified in the installation of network and data cabling, fibre optical, structured cabling and coaxial cabling. We also offer home and business automation installations including C-BUS.


Commercial Air-conditioning – With the assistance of our expert business partners Air Evolution, we provide total air-conditioning solutions for you commercial projects. Our team encompasses the expertise of mechanical service engineers, refrigeration mechanics, sheet metal fabricators. We offer a complete “start to finish” solution for your commercial refrigeration and evaporative air-conditioning needs.


Commercial and Domestic – We are experienced in both new construction builds and fit outs, retro fitting and upgrades to your existing project. We also offer maintenance, breakdown and repair services.

Data & NBN

Data & NBN

Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Conditioning

BMS Control

BMS Control

At Rise Electrical our technicians are highly trained in all areas of commercial Mechanical Services. Are highly skilled staff can help in new installs and upgrades. Our partner company AirEvolution can help with design and install in all aspects of air conditioning systems. We also have a team of engineers who can help with all areas of BMS. We can work with all interfaces/protocols you require. For example- Analogue I/O, Digital I/O, Ethernet/IP, MODBUS, BACnet, KNX, etc. When it comes to approaching a project, if you need assistance with any design or implementation such as programming, we can help.




(20 x 270w Jinko pv panels)

*Price is after government rebate and based on normal install conditions. Free inspection and quote upon request.


(20 x Trina Honey 270w PV Panels)

*Price is after government rebate and based on normal install conditions. Free inspection and quote upon request.


PHONE: (08) 7183 1095


Rise Electrical is a Clean Energy authorized installer/Designer, and we have helped more than a thousand homeowners harness solar energy to power their homes. As the cost per Kw/h of energy from the power grids continues to rise each year, many homeowners are seeking long-term alternatives to reduce their energy bills. Solar energy is a great alternative to drawing power from the electric grid, and saves homeowners substantially in the long run while also benefiting the environment. We have been around long enough to know what products are cheap and nasty, and what products will most likely last. If you have another quote at a cheaper price we are happy to review and see if we can help you make an informative decision. We are not salesman! We are your Solar consultants and are here to help.


Rise Electrical storage solutions is growing rapidly as the electricity suppliers are not give us very much money for what we feed back into the grid. Many people are unaware that in the event of a power outage the PV solar inverter is disconnected from the network supply grid for safety reasons. From that moment on, it ceases to provide solar power to your house or commercial premises. Lengthy blackouts and temporary outages do happen and is set to increase. We can help you have the option to supply continuous reliable power to your home or business.

Power outages can not only be inconvenient, but can also have very serious economic consequences, especially for business. Our team of designers with over 15+ years’ experience in photovoltaic technology Backup System can provide reliable backup power for a variety of applications. Having battery backup requires a bit of information, to make this easy we work with a product called Solar Analytics and this give us all the data we need to design a battery storage system for you. When this device is installed into your power board, you also can have access to this information and if you want we can include the Solar Analytics device as part of the battery system package, this will provide you with all the data you need to see the battery backup we installed is working, saving you money and a peace of mind you got what was promised.



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